Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.
Top of the Sigiriya fortress, Sri Lanka.
Aerial view of Sigiriya rock, Sri Lanka.
Wall arts in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.
Top of the Sigiriya fortress, Sri Lanka.
Aerial view of Sigiriya rock, Sri Lanka.
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Things to do in Sigiriya

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Ancient Kingdom
Sigiriya (Matale)

Sigiriya is the most tourist attractive city in Sri Lanka and 95% of travelers visiting Sigiriya explore the Lion Rocks in Sigiriya. Lion Rock Sigiriya located 190 km away from the Colombo and North Central Province of Sri Lanka. Folktales say Sigiriya Lion Rock built by Sri Lanka mighty Emperor Ravana’s grandfather and those days used to call “Aloka Mandawa” literally meaning “Lighting Palace”. Because Palace built 660 Ft above the ground level and when palace was lighting entire area will be lighting.

However official historical journals say Sigiriya Lion Rock built by King 1st Kasyapa in the 5th century A.D and Sigiriya Lion Rock is a great fortress in Asia.  It is complex of buildings, part royal palace, part fortified town and water gardens on par with the best in the ancient world, constitute a magnificent and unique architectural feat of the ancient Sinhalese. In a sheltered packet approached by spiral stairway are the famous Sigiriya frescos, the earliest surviving pictorial art of Sri Lanka and of the same period as the Ajantha fresco of India. The summit of the rock with an area of nearly one hc was the site of the palace. In 1982 UNESCO listed World Heritage Site and It is regarded as the 8th Wonder of ancient the World in 1998.

There are many things to do in Sigiriya and you can explore the beauty of Sigiriya various way in your Sri Lanka Holiday.  Sigiriya things to do not just ordinary excursions and all activities in Sigiriya spice up adding local experiences. Sigiriya things to do ended with many local experiences’ integrations.


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