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Meeting in Sri Lanka is the ideal destination in the world and organises the global meeting in a different context. My Ceylon Adventures contracted over 400 hotels, catering, lighting, multimedia solutions and entertainment providers. We are capable enough to organize any type of meetings, any part of the country. We can come up with create ideas more colourful you’re meeting in Sri Lanka. 

Why you need to your meetings in Sri Lanka?

Convenient of get the VISA?

If you are looking to take part multi-nationalities in your meeting and sometimes hard to get the VISA to enter to your country but Sri Lanka offers hassle free VISA such as on-arrival VISA and on-line VISA, that’s much more convenient organize the meeting in Sri Lanka than any other country. 


Sri Lanka located center of the world and much easy to fly to Sri Lanka and flying cost, duration may reduce than any other destination. You can organize the meeting in Sri Lanka less than 50% of the cost than other destination. Most corporates are concerning cost and visa factors when organise the meeting in Sri Lanka.

Incentive Holiday?

Sri Lanka is a highly popular destination in Indian Coast and most travelers visiting to Sri Lanka miracles of the small magic island and within a couple of hours traveling travelers can explore history, culture, wilderness or lie down in the golden sandy beach after the meeting. Sri Lanka is the only destination in Asia can do all while participating in the meeting.   


How to spice up the meeting?

My Ceylon Adventures is the most professional company in Sri Lanka with one stop fulfill all meeting requirements. My Ceylon Adventures specialty is to organising the cost effective meetings in Sri Lanka. 

  • Team Building Games

indoor and outdoor team building games 

  • Dinner entertainment

Theme nights

live performing music and DJ 

Stand-up comedy shows

Street magic shows

Dancing Performance

Western and local dancing performance. 

Casino Night 

  • Short Tours
  • Activities
  • Yoga
  • Motivational Speeches

Spice-Up Activities

To make the event more colourful and entertaining...

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