A group trip to the mountains to improve team building skills, Sri Lanka.


Team Building in Sri Lanka

Do you want to practise team mates out of box thinking? individual talents blends with one goal? Find out unleash talents? Team-building activities in Sri Lanka with My Ceylon Adventures is identifying your team members in different context and developing the team spirit, practicing working co-operatively with co-workers to deliver the corporation's expected result and extend the loyalty. Team Building activities in Sri Lanka with My Ceylon Adventures no more just a physical exercise. Our team building facilitators representing high profiled companies, military and practicing over 20–30 years developing human skills. Team Building is high valued exercise after or in between the meeting or conference extend the Team bond and practice that you discussed facts at the meeting.   

Our Team Building games targeting developing following skills: 

  • Internal and External Communication
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Decision Making
  • Co-operation and trust building
  • Situation analyzing and evaluating.
  • Working one goal and result oriented working.
  • Result and product delivery process.
  • Think out of box and smart working.
  • Develop moral and engagement.


My Ceylon Adventures smart enough to customize the team-building activities according to your corporation requirements and strong to offer a vast range of activities any part of the Sri Lanka. Team Building games means adding adequate spicy to your events and makes more interesting. 

Definitely, it would be a wonderful time for your team members and share thoughts, unleash the talents, build up team spirit, motivation and build strong relationship among your team members. It is not a miracle team building with My Ceylon Adventures. 

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