Participating in a charity giveaway organized for school kids, Sri Lanka.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are not just an activity for community welfare. My Ceylon Adventures believe all business models need to change and it is not any more “Cost +”! We are practicing business model Cost + Profit = Community + Nature. that’s mean for smooth business operation needs profit but similar to profit we need to concern look after nature and develop community living standards. We ensure that spend money on CSR activities coverts social profit. You will earn twice that investment by gaining an awareness of your social responsibility. Hence, CSR activities bring meaning to your Sri Lanka event. 

We are flexible enough to customize the CSR activities as your corporation requires!     


School Building painting Programme (3 - 4 hrs.)

We will select the truly needs a support rural school where you located and we will transfer to all participants by coach. We will organize small welcome by school children and we will select building or classroom according to the number of participants. Then after the all participants divide into small groups and they will get limited time to paint the particular walls. It may bring to your employees positive feeling about the organization and extending humanity feelings too. Other way it is another opportunity to unleash the talents and avoid hectic living style. 

Elephant Orphanage / Udawalwe Elephant Transit Home Volunteer programme.

After or in between, your Sri Lanka event group will visit to Udawalwe or Pinnawalwe elephant orphanage and do some volunteer activities with injured or rehabilitation elephants. 

Your group divides into small teams, and each team has task and accomplishing time. there will be local wildlife office moderate the event and people will learn co-operatively work for one objective. 


Volunteer work with Blue Whales 

Mirissa is highly significant place on the planet and Sri Lanka Blue whale’s colony located 8 nm away from the Mirissa shore but Mirissa harbour is one of most polluted harbour in Southern coast. Participants will leave the hotel early morning (6 a.m.) and proceed to Mirissa Harbour. Sail to spot the blue whale and it is 4–5 hrs. sailing excursion. After the whale watching tour execute 2 hrs. cleaning the harbour volunteer programme with local fishermen. 


Volunteer programme at Children Orphanage (2 – 3 hrs.) 

We will select the rural Children Orphanage in near to that your located considering facilities given by the local government and other donations or children's living standards. That we are selecting children's orphanage that they do not have basic facilities. 

Your Group will divide into small teams (10–15 people per team) and mixed up with local children. They need to repair or paint the walls. After those social activities, they might need to play cricket or football match. They need to perform with children entertaining the children. 

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