Live music and concert with guitarist and drummer.


Live Music and DJ

Are you looking to spice up the meeting, conference or event entertaining with live music or DJ. Sri Lanka music industry blends with local, English, western Indian and Arabic musics. Music entertainment rock your Sri Lanka event and makes more colourful event in Sri Lanka. 


Angampora (the native fighting art of Sinhalese warriors) Demonstration 

Dating back to the legendary kings of Mahasammatha and Ravana and developed over centuries, Angampora, a secretively practiced from of martial art, has been in the forefront of protecting Sri Lanka from neighboring invaders. The invincible might of Angampora was so feared that the British banned it in 1817 after gaining full control of the island.   

Angampora in the native Sinhala language, means unarmed combat. It’s a unique fighting art that brings together combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, music and meditation. At its core is ‘Angam’ meaning hand to hand fighting. ‘illangam’ denotes the use of indigenous weapons such as the Velayudaya, staves, knives, and swords. The deadliest feature of this ancient fighting art is the use of pressure point attacks which inflict pain and possible paralysis of the opponent. 


Fire Dancing Show with music.


It is 40 min–60-minute entertaining fire dancing show, and this is ideal in open area such as the beach. Gune is the fire dancer, and he is doing with son. Gune fire dance performing over 25 years of his life and he is good entertainer; he will integrate the client during his performance.


Vaddha (Indigenous People) Dance

The Indigenous people are the ancient Sri Lankan, and they were away from the modern world. Those people lives with nature and they have deep respected to the nature.

They will explain to you how they read nature, animal behavior in their experience. You will reach to the water tank and they will demonstrate indigenous people's powerful secret dance. There are few kinds of Indigenous people dancing such as war dance, hunting dance, welcome dance, healing dance, Jungle God (Aiyanayake) worship dance and blessing dance.


Magic Show

It is street magic show, and he will walk table to table integrating with participants. He will do performance 40–60 min. street magic show ideal during the dinner time and keeps the employees entertaining while in the dinner.


Stand Up Comedy  

Chaminda pusswedilla is the principal actor, and he will entertain the audience in English medium. Standup comedy performance will take 30–40 minutes. He can perform given characters of your organization, social, political facts.

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