Whale Watching Trincomalee – May – October 2015 season

Whale Watching Trincomalee – May – October 2015 season

Trincomalee is the location in East Coast operating Whale Watching excursion. East Coast climate and Whale Watching operation changed, since middle of Jun we have not spot any single whale in Trincomalee.

Usually month of May – October there will pilot Whales and whale sighting located 16 – 24 nautical  miles away from the coast but comparative to last year whale watching sightings are poor but still you can spot 300 – 500 Dolphins same as previous  Year.

These days there is windy situation in Trincomalee coast and Department of Meteorology Sri Lanka says such weather condition might continue few days.

However last year month of August we have spotted 4 whales and we believe present weather condition may change soon and Pilot Whales may starts to cross the east coast soon.

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