The rafting group do white rafting in Kalani river Sri Lanka


Rafting in Kithulgala is the iconic activity in Kithulgala and most of tourist are visiting to Kithulgala experience the Rafting in Sri Lanka. Kithulgala is the only place able to experience rafting. White water rafting is the key income sources and Kithulgala naturally blessed with Kalani River. 

Some people introduced Kithulgala Rafting as white water rafting because of water pouring rapids. Pressure water turns up the white bubble. There for people say white water rafting. Kithulgala rafting rapids rating as level 2–3 and Rafting distance 5 Km. there are 3 major rapids and 4 minor rapids (7 rapids). Approx. duration of rafting between 1–2 hrs and duration depends on the water speed level. Rafting in Kithulgala thrilling and adventurous experience in your Sri Lanka Holiday.

Operational Details

  • Starting Point

    Plantation Hotel–Kithulgala

  • Finishing Point

    Plantation Hotel–Kithulgala

  • Starts At

    Rafting is operating daily and from 7 a.m.–4 p.m

    Rafting safety briefing with the demonstration by the instructor.

  • Distance

    Transfer the all participants to (5 Km) Rafting operation conducting point by truck.

  • Duration

    Between 1 - 2 hrs


  • Guide
    Well experienced Rafting guide and supporting crew
  • Drinks
    1 L bottle of water per person
  • Transport
    Free Pick-up and Return Transfer to your Kithulgala hotel

    Not Included

  • Foods
    Meals or snacks

    Additional Details

  • Tour Difficulty Level

    Medium hard

  • Health Advices & Age Restrictions

    • We do not advise pregnant ladies and high blood pressure patients. 
    • Recommended age 10 years and above.
  • Recommendations

    • Casual dress
    • Good sunscreen and sunglass

    Rates Per-Person

    Package 1
    • 1 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 2 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 3 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 4+ Pax

    Rate per-person


    Sri Lankan Lunch
    • 1 - 4+ Pax
    • 1 Days

    Rate per-person


    Transport Reduction (If you do not need transport)
    • 1 - 4+ Pax
    • 1 Days

    Rate per-person


    Tour Highlights

    It is a thrilling experience
    Explore the Bridge on the River Kwai Hollywood movie filmed place
    River swimming
    Countryside landscaping

    Tour Locations

    Payments and Cancellations

    Payment policy
    • Tour will confirm up on the payment.
    • You may need to check the availability before making the payment.

    Cancellation policy
    • If you are going to cancel the activity before the 24 hours of the operation, take place, then we will not apply for any cancelation charge.
    • If the activity cancels from My Ceylon Adventures (our) end because of unexpected weather condition effect then Fully refunded (100%) or you can book alternative activity instead of the refund.

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