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Ella Trekking and hiking tour is not walking tour anymore, and it is exploring the beauty and the nature of the Ella. it is wonderful trekking and hiking in Ella and exploring magnificent, glorious history over 5000 years ago in Asia about Great Ravana’s kingdom. Ella trekking and hiking tour based in Ella countryside and you will walk along the valley, mountains, railway track, forest, water streams and over the tea planation. It is a medium level trekking and hiking tour in Ella. 

Ella Trekking and hiking tour will start 10 Km away from the Ella Town, near the Heeloya railway station and you will walk along through the Ella rural village. You will experience Ella's countryside, people living style and villagers’ customs. Then you will cross the railway track and explore the British inheritance of Sri Lanka transportation system. As part of the trekking and hiking in Ella, you will trek through the forest and explore the nature and endemic flora, fauna in Sri Lanka. You will enjoy the typical local lunch at countryside house and it is a wonderful experience in between the trekking tour experience the local cuisine and hospitality. You will explore the beautiful landscapes, nature, cultural differences and people living style. Finally, you will visit to Ella Rock and it is the most phenomenal scenery in Ella Trekking and hiking tour. Ella Trekking tour approx. distance about 12 Km –14 Km and duration 3 - 4 hrs.

 Ella trekking and hiking tour will end in Ella Town with wonderful experiences.

Operational Details

  • Starting Point

    Heeloya railway station (You will pick up from your hotel by Tuk Tuk and proceed to Heeloya railway station)

  • Finishing Point

    Heeloya railway station (We drop to your hotel) 

  • Starts At

    Starting 7.30 a.m. and ending 2 p.m

  • Distance

    Approx. distance12 - 14 Km (In Moderated Trekking trail)

  • Duration

    Between 3 – 4 hrs


  • Guide
    Private trekking guide and his fee
  • Transport
    Pick up and return transport to your Ella hotel
  • Food
    Local lunch / cuisine experience
  • Refreshment
    We will provide unlimited water and snack during trekking tour

    Additional Details

  • Recommendations

    • Smart casual dress
    • Good sunscreen
    • Binocular
    • Hat and sunglass.
    • We do not recommend fit not enough elderly.
    • Wheel chair or clutches cannot access.

    Rates Per-Person

    Package 1
    • 1 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 2 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 3 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 4 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 5 - 6 Pax

    Rate per-person


    • 7+ Pax

    Rate per-person


    Tour Highlights

    Explore the stunning landscapes
    Explore the countryside of Ella
    Village house visit and local cuisine experience
    Forest trekking and explore nature
    Ella Rock visit and explores the Ella Gap
    Folktales about Great Ravana king and his kingdom

    Tour Locations

    Payments and Cancellations

    Payment policy
    • Tour will confirm up on the payment.
    • You may need to check the availability before making the payment.

    Cancellation policy
    • If you are going to cancel the activity before the 24 hours of the operation, take place, then we will not apply for any cancelation charge.
    • If the activity cancels from My Ceylon Adventures (our) end because of unexpected weather condition effect then Fully refunded (100%) or you can book alternative activity instead of the refund.

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