A boat with tourists come through Mangrove (Kadolana) forest Bentota Sri Lanka


Bentota river safari best things to do exploring the flora and fauna in Bentota river. Bentota explores the uncharted mangrove forests found along the banks of the Bentota River on a boat safari. Your river adventure starts at the end of the broad Bentota River, close to the Bentota Bridge, and from here, the Boatman will take you on a leisurely exploration of the mangroves, the creepers and the multitude of waterside trees and plants crowding the river’s edge. Your boat will meander through the inlets created by entangled vine roots and lianas, and where the shade from the sun is provided by the overhead canopy of lush green foliage. Get lost amidst these thick growths and keep a lookout for the many aquatic birds such as herons, kingfishers, and cormorants who reside in the undergrowth. You may be lucky and observe a water monitor hunting its next meal, or soaking up the sun’s rays along the water’s edge. With the calm silence of the inland river area only interrupted by the noises of the birds, the River Bentota Boat Safari is the ideal way to savour and enjoy an area of true natural beauty.

Operational Details

  • Duration

    1 Hour

    Rates Per-Person

    Package 1
    • 1+ Pax

    Rate per 6 persons


    Jet Ski one round (5 min), Tube one round, Banana boat ride, 45 min River safari
    • 10+ Pax

    Rate per-person


    Jet Ski one round (5 min), Tube one round and 45 min River safari
    • 10+ Pax

    Rate per-person


    Jet Ski one round (5 min), Banana boat ride and 45 min River safari
    • 10+ Pax

    Rate per-person


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    • You may need to check the availability before making the payment.

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    • If you are going to cancel the activity before the 24 hours of the operation, take place, then we will not apply for any cancelation charge.
    • If the activity cancels from My Ceylon Adventures (our) end because of unexpected weather condition effect then Fully refunded (100%) or you can book alternative activity instead of the refund.

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