Tropical Negombo beach, Sri Lanka.
Fishing village Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Sunset, Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Fishing village Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Negombo, Sri Lanka.
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Things to do in Negombo

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Negombo (Gampaha)

Negombo is the part of the Western Province and Nearest city is Colombo. 0.6% of total population living in Negombo (142,000). There are many attractions in Negombo and such as bird watching in Negombo Lagoon, Fishing tours, diving, Cycling, walking and cooking demonstrations in Negombo Fishing village. There are many things to do in Negombo and it is wonderful place to tourist explore too many things in Negombo. Key income source of the Negombo is Fishery industry and Tourism. Negombo is the main Fishing city and hub of the fishery industry Sri Lanka.

Negombo is expanding town is a historically interesting place strongly influenced by the Catholic Church and is often referred to as “Little Rome’. The lagoon at Negombo is famous for its harvest of lobsters, crabs and prawns.  Fish auctions regularly take place on the beach and are definitely worth a look, as are the many canals which meander through the area.

Negombo has a chequered and colorful past in that the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British all laid claim to it at different times.  The town has several buildings dating back to the Dutch and Portuguese Colonial days. The Dutch captured the town from the Portuguese in 1640, lost it again in the same year, and then re-captured it again in 1644. The British then took it from them in 1796 without a struggle.    Evidence of their occupation can be seen in the colonial-style architecture of many of the buildings in Negombo. During the Dutch era, Negombo was also one of the most important sources of the much-coveted and highly profitable cinnamon.


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