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Kalpitiya Kite Surfing Day Excursions in Sri Lanka ( May – Sep )

Lonely Planet just rated Sri Lanka as the top destination to visit in 2013. In the Kitesurfing world, all magazines and forums now talk about the hottest new destination that will blow you away. Sri Lanka is on the Kitesurfing radar. With stable winds during the South West Monsoon, Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka offers riders an array of Kiting experiences.

What makes Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka so special is the stable winds due to the Venturi Effect. The Trade Wind is like clockwork. From May to end of September the Wind blows at an average of 20 knots 24 hours a day. It’s only in few places in the World that this sort of conditions can be found.

My Ceylon Adventures Kite surfing instructors are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization.

 Lesson Type  Details  Duration & Price
Per Person (Includes gear rental, transport)
Discovery Kitesurfing  You will learn the wind window theory, how to pilot a kite and the basic skills on foil kites. 2 hours
USD $ 128 (Individual) USD $ 88
(group price if possible)
 Level 1  Gives you more understanding of what kiteboarding is all about. Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite (2-4 lines), safety requirement. 3 hours
USD $ 240 (Individual)
USD $ 160
(group price if possible)
 Level 1-2 Teaching of the wind mechanisms, the setting up of the equipment, the launching and piloting of the kite, safety requirements and Kite power management, body dragging, self-rescue, water start theories. 6 hours
USD $ 460 (Individual) USD $ 310
(group price if possible)
Level 1-2-3 The first 2 levels above are incorporated in the 9 hour course. The level 3 is to improve and have your first session in the water with the board. 9 hours
USD $ 620 (Individual)  USD $ 420
(group price if possible)
Level 3
Instruction package for anyone that has already had some kite lessons. Teaching includes going upwind, changing direction, board recovery, first jump. 3 hours
USD $ 240 (Individual) USD $ 160
(group price if possible)
Private Lesson This is an individual private lesson, to improve your ability in kitesurfing. Learn to jump, board-off, unhook, wave riding, strapless, back roll, or just simple turns can be options 1 hour – USD $ 80

Note : All lessons are per hour. The more hours you do the cheaper the lessons become. A typical day would consist of approximately 4 – 6 hours of lesson. You can decide this with your instructor. All lessons include equipment and transport. You need to bring sun cream, sunglasses and booties if you have sensitive feet.

Kite Surf Rental

1 Day 3 Days 5 Days 1 Week 10 Days 2 Weeks
Board USD $ 40  100  160  200  260  350
Kite USD $  70  180  260  300  390  520
Harness USD $  20  50  70  100  130  170
Boots USD $
 10  20  30  40  50  60
Full Equipment USD $ 120 210  396  420  546  728

Note : All prices are in USD $. The equipment is checked daily for optimal safety and learning experience

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April 24, 2015

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