Beach Olympic


Programme Objective

  • Understand the team concept. And Open lines of communication as a foundation.
  • Learn techniques for building a better team.
  • Understand your style and role as a team leader.
  • Sharpen your team’s goal setting, motivation and output/performance.
  • Understand team members and team dynamics.
  • Practice, discuss, and problem solve.

About My Ceylon Adventure Team Building Events

Our team building and adventure activities engage all members of your team, in a spirit of brotherhood, friendship and fun. Those teams would be put in a competitive setting where they would need to work together, understand and optimize different skill sets of individual members, support weaker members, in order to make the best of the game.




  • Introduction/High Energy Dance- Ale Le

High-Energy-DanceFirst we will teach them the steps and dance for few minutes creating the initial warmth and breaking the ice. This activity will create the passion & fun for the next session.

We will introduce ourselves very shortly and divide the team. Each team will have about 10-15 people.

High fun, high energy dances that will get everyone energized and break the ice.


First challenge for them is to create a funky team name and a war cry.  We are selecting a winner for the war cry and all the guidelines would be given. This activity would set the stage for the competitiveness.

Olympic  ActivitiesGiant-Walk

  • Giant Walk (30 min)

Ski on land using the giant wooden skies provided. It’s all about coordination and communication and energy. The team will have to use all their coordination and communication to make this happen


  • 361 Tube (30 min)361-Tube

The team needs to fill up a leaking 6 feet tube using sea water. The only thing that they will get to cover up the leaks would be chewing gums. They can use any of their body parts to cover up the leaks.


  • Key punch (30 min)Key-punch

Keys from 1 to 20 are in the punch. Task for team members is to touch one number after the other in increasing order. One person can touch only one key, come back and give a right to touch to the other team member


  • Build the Tower (30 min)Build-the-Tower

Build the Tower exciting team building game in the beach and each team will get wood bricks, team mates build the tallest tower creativity, strategic planning, Team communication and all effort reflect with Team works.


  • Amazing ChaseAmazing-Chase

Big picture, effective planning, dream selling, empathy, role allocation, performing tasks beyond perceived limitations whilst facing changes in the environment. Enhancing in Empathetic Communication. Thinking out of the Box.

The participants in groups will travel around in the City /Hotel we select while completing the following dimensions.

  • Beach VolleyballBeach-Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is competitive game in Team Building games and team will pay 5 set games every member of the team should be perform and Team mates implement strategic game plan and each member’s contribution may influence ultimate achievements. In this game Team members learn about individuals, team contributions to corporate achievements and handle work pressure, corporate employ disciplines.

  1. Physical Challenge – Facing a challenge course with multiple tasks.
  2. Discovery Challenge – Gathering information.
  3. Social Challenge – Getting to know some social aspects of Sri Lanka.
  4. Mental Challenge – Pushing their mental limits in achieving targets.

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May 12, 2015

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