Aqua Challenge


Programme Objective

  • Understand the team concept. And Open lines of communication as a foundation.
  • Learn techniques for building a better team.
  • Understand your style and role as a team leader.
  • Sharpen your team’s goal setting, motivation and output/performance.
  • Understand team members and team dynamics.
  • Practice, discuss, and problem solve.
  • Entertainment and extend the team bond.

About My Ceylon Adventure Team Building EventsHigh-Energy-Dance

Our team building and adventure activities engage all members of your team, in a spirit of brotherhood, friendship and fun. Those teams would be put in a competitive setting where they would need to work together, understand and optimize different skill sets of individual members, support weaker members, in order to make the best of the game.



  • Introduction/High Energy Dance- Ale Le

First we will teach them the steps and dance for few minutes creating the initial warmth and breaking the ice. This activity will create the passion & fun for the next session.

We will introduce ourselves very shortly and divide the team. Each team will have about 10-15 people.

High fun, high energy dances that will get everyone energized and break the ice.

First challenge for them is to create a funky team name and a war cry.  We are selecting a winner for the war cry and all the guidelines would be given. This activity would set the stage for the competitiveness.

Aqua Challenge  Activities

  • Jet Ski RaceJet-Ski-Race

Jet ski is exciting and thrilling watersports adventure sports in Team Building Games. Every Team gets Jet Ski and there is 1 Km circle. Efficiently completing team will be winning team.

 Objective: reducing fear of the corporate environment and enhance effectiveness & efficiency, enhance collectiveness and team bond

  • CanoeingCanoeing

Entire Group will be split into Teams and every team member get numbered life jacket, canoe. Different colourful water balls spread the water and each colourful ball has given different marks.  Teams have to score maximum marks within the given time period and highest scoring will be rewarded.

  • Fun Banana Boat RideFun-Banana-Boat-Ride

Teams get banana boat ride in Bentota river amazing team building game in Bentota watersports.

Banana Boat Ride in fun activity in Bentota , the Banana Ride is the most suitable and exciting watersports activity for the any kind of team members . With up to 10 adventurers sitting astride the giant inflatable Banana, the experienced speed-boat Captain will execute repeated sharp turns in his attempts to flip the Banana Boat upside-down and dumping as many riders as possible into the water! Prepare to get wet! This is possibly the most hilarious activity as you try to defeat the Captain’s best efforts at getting you into the Lagoon, as you hang on during this white knuckle ride! An exhiliarating and enjoyable activity!

  • Build the RaftBuild-the-Raft

This the ultimate team sport and you play it by synchronizing your team’s energy.  Every team will get equal resources and team members should know utilize limited resources optimum way. The Build the Raft activity which doesn’t require swimming capabilities and is ideal for amateurs who wish to ‘take the plunge’ and for experts as well.

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May 12, 2015

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